Wisdom of Food is the mixture of passion for food and the deeper knowledge it carries.
Through this series of short documentaries I attempt to explore the intersection of food cultures and the Wild, sharing with you a glimpse of the magic, the poetry performed by the elements - and the ones brave enough to play with them.
Capturing tales of the world, written in food.










The story in a spoonful.

Four years ago I put a full stop behind my career as a cook, right before it had begun, just after graduating from chef's school.
My initial fire for the mystery of food had over time literally been put a lid on, suffocating in the walls of conventional kitchens. I experienced disconnection. Yet Hänsel kept throwing crumbs my way. I discovered photography, then film, found joy in writing, discovered a passion for the wild, out there and within myself.

And right here, once again. Food.
In food I see connection. A deep ancestral knowledge that has united and sustained us as a species. Unity of land and all living beings. What so obviously seems to be one whole has been ripped apart by the loss of knowledge, from colonization and cultural genocide, to extinction of language, modern food industry, blah blah ... the list goes on. In short, the source of this project is a sense of possibility. A chance to re-connect, learning from the natural world and other human beings. Exploring the Wild, using the lens of food, sharing what I find on my journey through short documentaries. Using images and sound,
language and