garbage: "waste material or unwanted things that you throw away".

What if we re-imagined this dirty word and copy-pasted it into our fridges, onto our plates and into our mouths? Think forking up pasta made out of flour and egg with tomatoes and leeks and butter and olive oil - and then remember how you fished all of those ingredients out of the trash bins the night before, cleaned their packaging and cooked tonight's meal with it. It's about time to re-evaluate the term of "garbage".

This episode follows a group of young people in Copenhagen, who bear witness how food magically turns into garbage, night after night. Folks who write shopping lists for trash bins, and feast on what they find.

Thank you Sara, Rasmus, Lucio, Rob and Gabriele for introducing me to this world and supporting me to make this piece come alive.

Music by Music by Kerry Muzzey - "Cloudy Days" & Andrew Judah - "Better & Better"